deals100% back in rewards: 16/pk duracell aa or aaa…


Good deal,will pick some up next time I stop in.


This is great! I still have some AAs from last years promo.

You can buy two sets of batteries each sale week that it is offered. Wait for about 3-4 weeks for the processing then check your rewards balance and they will be there. Rewards can be spent in-store or online. The rewards will expire approximately 3-6 months after they have been issued.

I have to admit, I have never had any problems with Staples fulfilling their rebates/rewards.


In years past, they've had different promotional periods, and you were allowed to purchase 2 sets each week. This does go through December 29th, but I don't know if it's just 2 sets the entire period, or if it resets each week. Just something to keep an eye on. Of course it just means that in January you have a boatload of rewards money to use (so I don't consider it free - more like half price for everything you buy now plus what you buy with the rewards in January)


In our store the deal goes all the way through until the 29th of December
It started on Black Friday, so you still have a month.

The amount you get back is what you pay in $$$ though.

So if they're $20, but you use a $5 off coupon when you buy them, you only get $15 back in rewards.


Is it too early? This looks confusing


If I wanted to go 'in store" I wouldn't be shopping "on line". :o


Don't be worried about the link to the Black Friday Ad - that was when this deal started. It is continuing through Dec 1st.


Thank you woot person for the picture and for not deleting it :-)