dealsnationwide flight sale ends today: $118 & up…


I don't really know anything about this deal, but why is everyone "down voting" it?


The $118 is a flight from Atlanta (the U.S.'s biggest airline hub for many airlines) to Jacksonville. That's $345 miles....A car ride will get you there in 5 hours and cheaper. While the flight will likely take you about that much time to get bags checked, into the gate, boarding, unloading, picking up luggage, and getting a rental.

All the other fairs.....look the exact same as the price you would get on a Priceline, Expedia, Travelocity type site. This is not a deal. Who is the idiot that posted it saying it was? Did send you your check yet?


@tekejerk: Since you're apparently not familiar with what "sponsored" means, I'll answer your question. Yes, they (woot) got their check from for posting this terrible non-deal.


Fly is pretty legit, they search more online travel websites than Kayak and Google Flights. The prices appear to be pretty good to me.


@synergynt: Got to put food on the table! :)


It's another travel site that must enjoy pain. Welcome to the woot,


This is not a standard woot deal, which usually consists of a discounted electronic gadget of some sort. is simply providing a service by delivering research on the best fares available. If you plan on traveling anytime from now till August, has already done the work for you. Consider the time you would be wasting by searching Travelocity, Expedia and Priceline separately. searches hundreds of airline and travel websites in addition to being able to compare prices with all the top travel search giants.

This deal may not be a cheap ipod or a $150 tablet, but it offers a convenience to any future traveler.


@ev973: There are already a bajillion (yeah that's a real number), sites that do that for you. This deal isn't necessary. It isn't a deal at all. That's how I feel about this "deal."


its not a bad deal by any means being someone who travels alot. clearly everyone downvoting it doesnt ever have to buy their ticket. not a bad deal at all.


Try changing the picture of this deal to a teletubby, apple pie, or even a small tree. In my experience on Woot!, anything with a picture of an airplane gets downvoted - usually without people even reading the "deal"!


ev973 and atvm27 smell like socks to me... filthy gym socks.


@figgers3036: Agreed. I don't necessarily object to companies commenting on (or respectfully defending) their own deals, but they should at least be transparent and honest about it, not just toss up a couple of white-triangle accounts that use marketing-speak like "convenience to any future traveler".


I can beat any of those deals with my Toyota Prius (if i had one)


I just compared several flights to Southwest Airlines prices. was more expensive than each one.