dealsjvc everio hd camcorder for $119.99 + $5.00…


Does this thing have Nightvision?
Just curious.


40x optical zoom is impressive. I almost got this, but I wanted a camera more for taking pictures rather than video.


almost certain it has no night vision


was considering this but 720p resolution is lulz. even my phone can do 1080p now...


@dumbledore3: But can your phone do 40x zoom?


@dumbledore3: What will you be displaying this 720p "lulz" video upon?

By all means, enlighten us. I, for one, can hardly wait for your response.


I just got a higher model, the HM-690, for $200 from Adorama on closeout. These are all 2011 models and you can access a comparison chart at the JVC website. For 2012, everything changed (model # wise) but feature-wise, not significantly in the mid-range and up. However, this particular refurb is last year's bottom model.

$120 is a fair price if you understand the specs and understand what you're NOT getting (that higher 2011 models) have. Just understand that it's a discontinued low-end model, and thusly, you should think of it it like it's a disposable. But it could last you well for a lot of years within these criteria. There are no inherent problems with any of the Everios (other than rapid product obsolescence).


If you have a Mitsubishi CRT based big screen, 720p will NOT show on it! Screen will remain blank. They are strictly 1080i in the HD scanrate dept. Nor will 1080p. No biggie for me, I love my 73" Mit CRT RPTV, and there's very little difference between 1080i and 1080p - totally negligible for me. Just can't use 720p on it. Suspect 720p will also not show on the Pioneer CRT based big screens either, or nearly any other brand - same story - tho some brands convert the incoming 720p to 1080i. Last CRT RPTV to allow 720p to show up independently was the year 2000 Panasonic. Never again after that model year, it was too expensive designing circuitry that would allow 1080i and 720p to each arrive at the screen as themselves, native.

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About the 720p display issue ... I haven't worked with mine enough to know if that's a Mitsubishi issue, or from the Everio included software. However, most people (I think) will transfer files to a PC first and use their own media editing software to clean up the slack stuff. All my files go through that trim process and are then burned to disk using ImgBurn or VSO's "ConvertXvidtoDVD" program. The only reason I'd think to go straight to the TV is if I want a rush view without any editing, and then I'd connect with HDMI (mini-HDMI on the camera to HDMI on the TV).

I suspect the commenter was trying to use his USB cable (mini-USB to USB 2.0) and found this didn't work. According to the manual, it's not supposed to -- they tell you to use a component cable or HDMI. (People who are into this stuff generally toss the included component cable along with the box packing stuff, since nowadays, component attachments are like SO 2008. ;) )


Meh. The low light capabilities of this s-u-c-k. I use mine to record a continous audio track so I can more easily splice things.

Outdoor shooting only, folks. I much prefer my Kodak z1085is for indoor shoots (warning: use the KLIC8000 lithium batteries, and you're limited to 29 minutes per clip with the Kodak).

OTOH, the stabilization on this is better (1085is may as well not be stabilized), and you can record long clips (aka, a live performance of the children's program) instead of having to have 2 cameras and cutting them together in software (heh... but I like cutting the film from 5 cameras. The only thing I don't like is that I have to keep running around pressing the button to have it take another clip -- I really wish these had a 1/8" external shutter release so I could put a timer on it).


@therealjrn: The other thing you get from a "real camera" is the larger sensor usually means you get much better shallow depth of field control.

This camara has dang near everything in focus (versus my EPL1 which can throw out the background if it's only 3 feet away).

Also - if you shoot @ 40x zoom, you'll find your subjects are "thinner and flatter" than usual. Could be useful, but for best appearances, shoot at 50mm equiv focal length (wide angle close ups make noses look big).


@tsog: Heh... I soo want to try the new 41MP camera phone. That could do 20x zoom with no optics.

But since it's Symbian, I have a feeling it's going to go over like a dead cow on a catapult.


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never realized it...

can't really comment on the deal, I have never used a JVC camera/camcorder


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@thormj: lol. 20X zoom with no optics = 20X digital zoom.

Optical is what you want, digital is absolute trash. Apples and oranges.