dealstaco cabana marks 35th anniversary with throwback…


@faughtey : "Sorry, Facebook deals are not allowed. A deal may be removed if: The deal requires you to visit a facebook or twitter page."

By these rules my first post of this deal should not have been removed, as it does not require you to visit a FB or twitter page. It requires you to visit a Taco Cabana, like any other fast food deal. I just included the link to FB in the body of the deal because the FB entry included information about the deal. But it is not a "FB deal", no one has to go to FB to be able to enjoy the deal. I did not include the link to FB in this version.


@moondrake: That link required you to go to facebook, so it was removed. This one does not, and still gives the information people need. Thanks for re-posting!
I'm off to the Metro Cooking show, yay! If anyone needs further clarification, I'll check back tonight.


I wish there was one closer than Atlanta or Houston to lower Alabama.


@mtm2: I'd really miss them, they are my favorite fast food place. Fresh salsa, and I love their beans.