dealstorchlight ii pc video game for $15.99 + free…


I'm not seeing the $15.99 deal, only $19.99, the standard cost for this game.


Are you incapable of reading?
Coupon code.


@stryker4526: I wouldn't have even attempted to correct him, don't correct and reward his laziness. Anyhow thank you for this I will be purchasing it right now thanks to you good sir.


I pre-ordered this on Steam when it first came out, started pre-loaded it as soon as I could, then played it as soon as it was available. I have played it almost non-stop, even at work.

This is one of the best games, ever. How long did Diablo III take to be released? Diablo III sucks in comparison to Torchlight II.

This game is an incredible value even at the full price of $19.99. Thanks for the deal!


C'mon folks. No need to be snarky.


Just as a courtesy notice to anyone who hasn't played the first game, humble bundle 6 currently has the first torchlight :]


I agree, this game is hands down the best action RPG I have ever played. The first Torchlight was amazing, but this one improves in literally every single way.

It has crashed on me once, but it immediately popped up an error reporting screen that let me type in notes, and the development team has always been active with the community, so I fully expect that they will be working on any issues that arise.


Ouch. Excuse me for my illiteracy and general idiocy regarding my previous comment. I re-read the description (though there was not much to read honestly, I don't know what went through my mind at the time of the first post), and can confirm that the code works, because I used it myself!

I've been busy playing the game (and not responding to the flames), and I can say it's a great deal, considering that it's $19.99 just about anywhere else. It's a fun game too, especially with a party of friends that make the multiplayer components worth the money.


Just a heads up for everyone, the Gamefly client (which you have to download to get the activation key to then download the game through Steam) is kind of a pain in the ass. Admittedly it's a beta right now anyways, but I already bought the game but because the client is having problems, I can't get my activation code yet. I just wanted to put out a fair warning in case anyone else has problems.


@frankiej73: I never used the gamefly client - all you need is to take the activation key you get on their webpage and through it into Steam... no need to download any client other than Steam