dealspanasonic k-kjl12/mb5 alkalineplus battery family…


A bargain. Ordered these when offered about a week ago and had them in just a few days. Kid's toys, remotes and other modern day necessities all eat these things like Woody Harrelson (in Zombieland) ate Twinkies. I do try to keep rechargables around but never have enough of them so this offer made my day.


I wonder why the page displays the price as $9.99 + Free shipping? Is it just on my mobile, or does the full site show the same?

The order screen shows the $5 shipping charge...


@euniceandrich: My browser window does not say "Free Shipping", and I see the same $5 shipping on the order page. Perhaps your mobile browser is grabbing a part ot the "$5 all you can ship" free deal and moving it.... or maybe you bought something earlier today and forgot all about it.... or maybe your cell phone company has a secret "free shipping" deal with woot, which might explain why your cell bill is so high.


Just a heads up to everyone. I saw these (all three 9V, AAA, AA) at the 99cent store the other day. I actually almost bought some but I went with Phillips instead. I don't know if these are the same but they looked identical. These may be longer lasting/more durable. But you could buy all the ones pictured for $7 there. I just thought I would let everyone know.