dealsthe tomb of the sleeping hitman pack: hitman…


"Currently Unavailable"
It seems there was a problem with the code for Tomb Raider.
Perhaps the deal will return when they fix the code problem.


Yes! It is back and working now! Thanks for the update, okham!


This is an absolutely fantastic deal. Can't wait to play these!


Man! I just bought Tomb Raider on steam sale for 17 bucks! Oh well. This is a steal if you don't have these games.


Awesome! Gotta snag dat deal doe.


Tomb Raider wasn't that great. It doesn't live up to its name.. Sleeping Dogs was amazing, and one of the best games of 2012. Hitman I'm not sure about, but from what I hear it was only OK.


Ah bummer, if only this deal applied to the PS3 too!


@kev50027: i have to disagree.

Tomb Raider was awesome and brought the series back. Best TR since TR 2. (but no T-REX? boo!)

Hitman again is the best the hitman series has ever been. Its amazing if you love stealth and murder (and who doesnt?) You probably already know if you are a hitman fan or not.

Both of these games are worth more than the asking price of this bundle