dealszippo satin chrome and street chrome slim…


Good price, but no decal... I'd rather spend a couple more bucks on amazon and get a design


Cool! I prefer them without decals. Zippos used to be subtle & stylish. They've become so gaudy now...


I agree, My zippos are all shiny without anything on them except the one my GF custom made my for valentines day saying "I Love You Mark"


Agreed. Keep it simple. I have a matte black slim Zippo and a regular sized brushed steel (or chrome?) one.

One word of warning about the slim lighters. They are not exactly "Windproof". Since I own both I can safely say the slim lighter goes out significantly more easily in the wind. You can still get it lit, but definitely not as reliable as the full size one. Something to do with the chimney size if I had to make a guess why.


Quality is still worth SOMETHING these days. This company makes some of the best products in the world. Doesn't even compare to the cheap knockoffs.