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Does any one actually know how the Han bar tastes? Or is it something meant to remain NIB?


or... i hate when i keep seeing all these han solo things pop up... like on etsy people had han solo crayons...


by the icecube tray mold from think geek and make all this stuff yourself!!! make your own han solo chocolate!!!! BETCHA YOU KNOW WHAT IT TASTES LIKE!!! and hell you can eat it too!!! becuase well you can make more!!!!!!!!!!

end rant.


@witteeric: thats a brilliant idea since the tray is still only 9.99! But the ice cube tray is out of stock... I wonder if amazon has any....i will be back with more info...

the ice cube tray IS available on amazon for $9.99 + free super saver shipping. However, reviews on amazon say that it's a pretty small tray. So i bet it's much smaller than the chocolate bar from thinkgeek. All i know though is that milk chocolate > dark i will be getting the ice cube tray. :]


I got one for the holidays last year.
The chocolate was surpisingly good. The chocolate is fairly dark - I would guess about 65%-70%.
The plastic tray is actually fairly shallow and un-detailed, not useful as a mold.


Ice cube tray != candy mold. Completely different level of detail.

Plus, if these were intended as gifts (which I expect many are) it would look a lot nicer to have the official product packaging.


@nesher: i see what you're saying about the ice cube tray. But loss of detail bothers me very little when making batches of them for holidays and general get togethers! :) my boyfriend's whole family is full of star wars fanatics, including young children who wouldnt eat the dark chocolate anyways, so this is a simple solution for me. I usually make cake balls, but you cant really make han solo in cake balls. Lol. Maybe i will make death star cake >:)


@c45513: Death Star cake balls are always awesome!