dealshiteker - graphite series 32" class - lcd - 1080p…


Yeah... it's OK.

I bought the same one, rebranded for Wal-Mart on Thanksgiving day. Had it on my porch on Saturday morning.

For an LCD, it's pretty thin, but not as thin as LED.

The picture, at 1080p, looks not much different than one at 720 in the 32" class.

(I am comparing info from an HTPC that is actually capable of sending info at 1080p)

If you are not a fanatic, and want a cheap set, this is a good deal.

Don't expect Panasonic plasma blacks with this thing.

Still, a +1 for three HDMI, and other never/rarely seen features (like a headphone jack)

Be aware that the mount has to be W I D E , as the holes are set very far apart.