dealshp h8 i7 desktop with 12gb ram (refurbished) for…


Once again I summarize this computer!

I bought this exact same computer ages ago, the first time it was listed.
The first one's motherboard fried after a week.
Sent it to hp, they replaced it, the next one has worked fine ever since no problem.
Expect to replace the PSU and graphics card for gaming, otherwise it is exceptional for the price.


Not bad, but it needs a better video card and power supply for gaming.

300 watts isn't going to cut it if you wanted a high end card in that system.


Grabbed one during the second stint on moofi about 5 or six months ago. No problems whatsoever. I did promptly replace the PSU and gfx card (the preloaded card is actually WORSE than the onboard gfx) . If you're wondering if say, a gtx 670 fits, the answer is yes. But its not pretty. (All my games are though, max settings)


HP is more hype than functionality. This design is basically "what do I have left in inventory that I need to clearance. 1) The videocard here is just plain stupid. Onboard graphics using HD4000 would yield a passmark of 475 while the discreet graphics card Radeon HD 7450 has a passmark of 318. Congratulations HP, by adding this graphics card you have managed to increase the price and decrease the video performance by 33%. 2) HP thinks 12 GB is a good RAM solution. Be serious, HP has overstocked 2GB RAM modules they are just trying to get rid of because the 4gb modules are so cheap. For most people the 4+4+2+2 RAM will perform no better than 4+4 and in fact may perform negligibly worst. But to the consumer 12 looks better than 8. If they were truly building a performance computer they would have put in 16gb- because 4gb modules are not that expensive 3) a 300 watt MAX power supply pretty lame especially when you add a discreet graphics card that is completely unnecessary.