dealssandisk sansa clip+ 1.0" black 4gb mp3 player…


Got this last time. The Sansa Clip+ looked brand new, though it came in a cheapy box and was not very well protected. Plays my FLAC files just fine. Not bad for $20.



The expandable memory slot makes this a no brainer. You could have 36GB of music on your hip for under $40 easily. The only MP3 player for the gym as far as I'm concerned. Cheap. Small. Comes with a clip. What's not to love?


After five years of heavy use, the clip on my original Sansa Clip's clip broke. So, I have no hesitation about making this upgrade, especially since the Clip+ has the expandable memory! I'm in!


i have had my clip plus for 8 years, still going strong! Brings back warm old school Woot memories :) Before the great sellout.


I bought one last time too, and was pleasantly surprised. Easy to use and clear little screen. My Fuze+ stays in the drawer, after getting it back from the Egg DOA.


I ordered one of these last time. It died after about a week of use, and had to RMA it. The replacement I got is working so far for the past few days, but has been having some trouble freezing when transferring files to it sometimes. Seems like a neat little player when it's working, small, super light, plays lots of formats, expandable memory, built in radio, etc.


I got three the last time for my wife and me. We love them. I had one "just stop playing" and I thought it was dead. Couldn't get it to turn back on; I charged it over night but that had no effect. I called tech support and listened as she told me to hold down the power button for 20 to 30 seconds. I did and then she asked me to "turn it on". I did and it came right on and played perfectly since then; it even held my place in the audio book I was listening to.
I believe that the peculiar propensity to "die" is the reason there are so many "refurbed units" available.
Simple fix; pass it on.


As an audiophile, I always liked the sound quality of SanDisk mp3 players. Definitely sounds better than Apple devices with high quality headphones.


My Clip+ lasted just over a year - when the warranty expired - before croaking (memory error). Probably a fluke. I got a Clip Zip as replacement, but I liked the Clip+ better. The Clip+ seems to start up faster and battery last slightly longer. The main advantage of the Clip Zip is the color display, and the ability to display album cover. Why I got the Sansa - small size, great battery life, great sound, supports all formats I have, expansion memory, inexpensive (compared to other reputable players), USB mass storage class (no need for extra software to load music into it).


In terms of music quality these are great. People don't realize mp3 and mp4 are standards so any player will play the music, it's the speakers (or ear phones) that make or break sound quality.

The two grips I have is the clip tends to break easily. But it doesn't effect the player, and the display washes out in the sun. If you run in the sun it's a pain to see. But if you can live that it's a great device.


Love the product but I just bought a refurb 2 months ago. Forgot to check it. headphone in jack is half broke wish I could remember where I bought it. No more refurbs. I should have just paid extra 8 dollars.Stupid,Stupid,Stupid


Got one of these on here years ago. Still being awesome, no disappointments.


I'm addicted to these things. I'm so afraid I won't be able to get them in the future. Have 2 gb, 4 gb, and 8 gb versions, along with a ZipClip. These things are just great.