dealssylvania 7-inch wi-fi netbook with windows, 3 usb…


This is not really a deal. It's an awful, slow PDA CPU from back in the early 2000s running Windows CE. This will notrun desktop Windows apps, nor will it run Windows Phone apps. It also won't be useful for visiting anything but the simplest websites and it's not upgradeable. Don't get this for anyone you care about! The only reason to spend money non this is if you understand the limitations and think it would be a fun hardware hacking project.


If you really want to hear your kids fight, give them one of these!


I bought a couple of these from Newegg when they were $35. Its usefulness out of the box is dubious, but you can replace the OS with Android 2.2 or some Linux distributions. I've got mine set up the same as my Raspberry Pi, though the onboard wireless doesn't work in that setup.


Geez! Do people even read the comments by the OP's? I believe @belyndag was clear in saying that this isn't a great laptop, but incredibly cheap.

Personally, I'm thinking this would be a great one to donate to a local center that is always looking for computers for training seniors. I usually give them my old equipment, but I tend to wear the stuff out before I replace it. I can't afford to donate many, but I will pass the info along to them in case they have some donated money they can spend.

And I also know several folks on fixed or low incomes whose kids could really use one of these to do schoolwork. Aha! I'm going now to spread the word!


While it won't run all apps, these are entirely rootable to Android 2.2, which, like most rooted devices, makes them at least useable- much more than CE.
Cheap AND useable is good.


@blgauthier: You have the right idea- but the wrong product. The software/hardware is a nightmare on this. You would be better off getting people to donate their used PC's than getting this. Many not for profit institutions already do this with their old systems. This little laptop today is not a good learning tool and will cause more frustration than benefit. There are a ton of people that have older systems they don't want, you find someone to donate the time to wipe the drives and put on a new OS then you are much better off. Windows CE is a terrible OS. If they can't restore Windows on these used PC's then they can install Ubuntu (or another Linus variant) which is a great free OS.


If you really don't like someone, this would make for a perfect present.


Buy this for your kiddo if you hate them and want them to put you in a bad nursing home. These are HORRIBLE! The return rate was through the roof- not a deal at any price.