dealsshade tech 10’x10’ instant canopy for $62.99…


I have a 10X10 canopy, and I'm chuckling at the websites picture. Pretty sure that the canopy pictured is a 20X20, or both of the stand-ins are 5'2".


I have a 10X10 and one of those 6 foot folding tables. I'm quite sure that you couldn't put two of those tables end to end, and fit between the legs. It's a 10X10.


I'm more interested in why it only got 2 stars out of 5. Can't seem to pull up the actual reviews. I'm wondering if the material or frame (or both?) is flimsy or something. Otherwise, not a bad price for this size. The pic on the site looks like a 10x10 to me, based upon the proportions of the people, truck, and table.


The other sale 3 weeks ago was better...but this one isn't bad too.