dealsnook & android - 8gb micro sd card: electronics…


I'm gonna be "that guy" here and just point out that you could buy an 8gb micro SD card for 1/3 of that price and just load Gingerbread onto it.


Since you're "that guy," then I'll let you know that you can't just load Gingerbread on it. There's a much more involved process. And, if you're a person who's not technically inclined (as most Nook owners I know are...mothers, in-laws, teacher friends), this makes a great purchase.


@clrobertson: I guess we have different views of what a great purchase is. I did this for my mom in about 20 minutes with one of the many tutorials available. I understand that this is an easy option for people that can't follow such a tutorial, and my comment was not addressed to them. Personally, I feel this product is ridiculously overpriced for the work that's put into it.