dealsangry birds space for $0.99


It was posted. And deleted.

MSRP is NOT A deal.

Instead: Start a question in the Ask The Community:
Have you guys seen the new angry birds game?


@cowboydann: Oh that's why. I was sad that my threadcrapping got deleted. :-)


@cowboydann: Tis true, but in my book, if it's $0.99, it's a deal.

Which brings to mind, what constitutes a deal? Does it have to be below MSRP? Or just a really good price on something with higher perceived value?


Just saw it on the google google play....its FREE there


So if .99 for iTunes is not a deal, then free from the Android app market is a steal!
And yes I did download it to my Droid for free today.


@cowboydann: I didn't mean for that post to get big votes. More of an announcement about a higly anticipated game... Not everything that goes popular is a "great deal" any ways, $5.20 for 25 paper bags??? Please accept my apologies Mr. Cowboy sir


@jeremytheindian: for the record I upvoted your first deal :P. I am guessing the first deal got tattled by many because that's how a lot of people felt. But yeah there is bound to be plenty of joke/meme deals that get upvoted for comedic value. Anyways I wasn't really caboose cranky over any of the posts, just explaining why the first one was most likely deleted. (A lot of jealous people mad that they didn't make the post first.)