dealsmagnutz for $3.25


Some crap site I have to sign up for to even see?

And you didn't include the $5 shipping.

I'll stick with (often comes free with bonus points from purchases) or (FSSS).


I got similar fridge magnets from Staples for about $1. Might be a bit more expensive now though.


Note the ship times from I've placed two orders with them. One took three weeks before it shipped and the other two weeks. Not worth it for me.


@tumorous: 1) Registration stated in the description; it's flash sale, it's normal.

2) I didn't say it's free shipping, have I?

3) Those are not the same product. The ones made by DCI is much better designed, elegant and are made to a much higher standard. No molding seams, for example. That said, Fab is really for those who care about designs, not for every one.


@jam11683: It depends on what you order. They state very clearly which products take longer to ship. Some are "fast ship" and ship within 24 hours. More low-volume specific items do take longer to ship.

So far, out of my 34 orders I have placed with them, 2 were late. Both times Fab informed me of the delay, and gave me $10 credit both times. I think that's very fair. In fact, their service is at the same level as Nordstrom.