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I am amazed when I see these on adults...."but they're so comfy" well so is a Onesie but you don't wear that to work do you?


@thebruce8541: Depends on where you work. (referring to the crocs not a onesie ;-) see a lot of nurses wearing white ones. They look just fine w/ their uniforms and apparently really are comfy.
Plus they make many more styles than the original version. They have some that look like any other casual sandal.

That said. They smell awful. The have a very strong oder when you first get them. I had to try to out gas them on the porch. Finally sent them back. If you are chemically sensitive these are not the shoes for you.


@thebruce8541: You're evidently stuck on the idea that the only shoe Crocs makes is their [in]famous clog. They carry dozens of shoe styles, including shoes that are perfectly acceptable for work.