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Good call, again! May have to get it, but my favorite is his "Madman Across The Water". This album has most of his best known, granted, but there's just something about the "Madman" album, ya know like "Rotten Peaches", etc. But for $3.99, well ya. I'd also like to find some good deals on Cat Stevens to augment my CDs. Or is saying CDs kinda corny these days? I don't know ..feel kinda behind the times ..cause I am I guess ..trying to catch up. I mean my first digital music downloads EVER being just a few days ago pretty much says it all! Keep up the good work ceagee! It's costing me, but I love it.


@willyone: " I don't know ..feel kinda behind the times ..cause I am I guess ..trying to catch up."
Is that your way of saying you're old ? Hey, if you hadn't gone on about being in Florida and getting those JT tickets...... LOL

I have a friend going to see Elton's show in Vegas next month. Jealous about that too. Another friend went and said it's a heck of a show. I need a private jet to catch all these concerts or at least have my old VW bus back ! It was a piece of junk when I bought it, but it was fun while it lasted.

Cheers ! And Happy listening.


OK, good point. But you did it to me again, I mean I picked up Rocket Man but then I HAD to get Madman too! After all your the one that brought Elton into the picture. OK, I'm over it ..and quite content with my new purchases.


@willyone: I think I need to go into the business of selling music myself. I could make a few bucks off of your new found love of mp3 tunes !


I bought this special deal about one year ago and am playing the heck out of it. Glad it's not vinyl or it would be all scratchy by now. Missed the Rolling Stones 2-disc mp3 several weeks ago while I was on a cruise. Would love to purchase that for the sale price.

@ceagee: keep up the great work!