dealsnikon 7072 lens pen cleaning system for $5.99…


EXCELLENT, thanks so much! FYI you go to log into your Paypal (if you're using Paypal to check out) and then after you log in (via the checkout process) it'll ask you to confirm your order and also asks for any coupon codes you wish to use. Just ordered one, been needing one and they have excellent reviews! They're $8.09 on Amazon with free shipping via Amazon Prime! Thanks a bunch again!!


Like all other sonic screwdrivers, this does not work on wood.


Just tried it, they want $7.49 - Free Shipping still there,


Warning.... if it isn't name brand when you get it, throw it away.
I've had a fake chinese lenspen look-alike remove the coating from the lens instead of just the fingerprint, luckily on a cheap P&S camera.

I also have a real LensPen, and it does very nicely....
Both came from Amazon, and I got a refund on the counterfeit one.


I'm not sure if this is any different than other Lens Pens, but I know Cameta Camera ( normally has these things for free when you buy certain kits from them, and they have quite a few kits for lenses, tripods, etc. Just figured I'd say something incase you're in the market for extra photo gear and for another couple of bucks (or sometimes even just for free) they include lens pens and/or microfiber cloths.

One example kit, comes with lens pen as well as microfiber cloth and a few other things:


I just received my order today and it IS a legit Nikon lens pen cleaning system!! I've never used one before and THOUGHT my lens was scratched before but this makes it look brand new!! Excellent product! They mailed it in a bubble envelope via first class USPS mail in the original Nikon packaging, too! I've been wanting one of these for YEARS but they're usually more $. This is an excellent deal! Wonder if it works on eyeglasses, too, may have to get another one!


Just tried it again as I'm contemplating ordering another one as a gift for someone else and it is STILL showing up as $5.99 with free shipping with the SB20 coupon. This is as of 4:30pm EST on 9/9