deals41" acoustic guitar for $59.00 + $5.00 shipping


When only measurements that no one uses are all we get to describe a guitar, it's a pretty safe bet that you would want to stay very far away from it!


@hunterchelise: Spectrum AIL 126B 41" Acoustic Guitar


Seriously. Is this full scale? The age requirement says "age 1 and up". It does have an adjustable truss rod, which makes it less crappy than a lot of the cheap guitars in this price range, though.


At $59, this is a perfect way to eventually realize that you'll never actually learn to play the guitar. You could have spent a lot more to learn the same lesson.


For those with questions on size, I bought this same guitar from woot! and it is standard size. It's a nice guitar for a starter and someone learning like myself. Sounds great and looks nice too. I love mine.


FAO Schwartz sells it as a Full Size Guitar for $99.00. It sounds like a decent beginner acoustic guitar for a child, teen or an adult with a nice price tag. It's also on Amazon and other site was charging $107 +

If I had a child 5 to 18 years old that was beginning guitar instruction, this would be a perfect first guitar. Same for an adult as you never know if any of them will continue.

BTW, I've been playing acoustic guitar for decades and have/do perform occasionally, not tooting my horn. I just have years of experience and recommend this for a beg inner. If you don't like it, sell it at no loss on eBay or Craig's List. Cheers!


PS FAO is selling it as discontinued, new model coming out in the 2nd half of this year.


I play guitar for fun. I'm not good enough to play gigs but I know good value in guitars.

You NEVER EVER should buy a cheap guitar sight unseen.

This guitar will probably never stay in tune. You need to spend at least $100 for a decent USED guitar. I picked up an ovation celebrity electric/acoustic with built in tuner for $120 from a craigslist ad and it stays in tune for weeks.

If you want a good guitar, start with a decent used one from your local newspaper/craigslist ad.

EDIT TO ADD: If you do buy a new guitar, be prepared to pay at least $250 for the same quality you would get in a decent used guitar.


Here is a followup... a couple of good quality guitars with good maker reputations I found on craigslist.


@prime suspect: Been there, done that :(((
I thought somehow that the expenditure of mass quantities of monies would supplement my less than ardent desire to learn to play.
About 3 guitars and $1000 in, I realized I do not want to learn to play guitar. What I really want is to know how to play.

I am not a clever man.


I bought this guitar for my youngest son and I have to say, the limitations of this guitar are perfect for a new learner. Let's be honest, the components are cheap and it comes out of tune regularly.

What's a more perfect way to teach a student how to tune a guitar by ear than a guitar that needs constant tuning? My son quickly tuned his own ear and keeps it keyed up.

Second, once the true short comings of the guitar are evident by the student you know it's time to trade up for higher quality. The strings will buzz on more complicated finger positions - but it causes a student to use perfect form and technique to get a clean sound. Again, a true plus for a new learner

So I truly appreciate these kinds of guitars as it kicks you in the butt, makes you learn to play and once you get your hands on a $3000.00 guitar you appreciate it and learned the hard way.


@ryanwb: I can concur with this. I learned 15 years ago on an old, cheap guitar. The action on the fretboard was so high, you had to stand on the strings to press them down. It was frustrating, to say the least, but it built up my finger strength, and now my newly-purchased Taylor plays like a dream :-)


I am in my 10th year teaching beginning guitar classes. I used to tell my students that anything under $100 would fall apart. I don't say that anymore. There are a lot of inexpensive quality instruments coming out of China these days. I can't speak to this specific guitar, but I have played well constructed instruments for under $100. You can frequently find very nice solid top instruments in the $200 range. It isn't the same playing field as it was 5 years ago.


@ryanwb: That's the same logic we used when getting my son a Bristish car.
Can't get hooked on drugs if you gotta fix your ride to go get them all the time.


I bought this last time around. Don't waste your money. It sounds cheep, it has intonation problems, the tuners are really cheap and turn like there is sand in the gears. I don't know what to do with it.

There was a Washburn Lyon on here before. It was cheaper and was 5 times the guitar as this one.

Get one if you can find one.


41" eh? Length isn't everything, ya know..