dealslife/frozen planet 2 pack - blu-ray for $16.99…


i got a "not available by 12/24 delivery". but its a killer deal so i got one for myself.


Just be aware, it's Oprah Winfrey narrating Life. I prefer the David Attenborough version.


@sinjinsb: I agree. While I honestly don't care what Oprah Winfrey does, I see no need to change the original narration. Attenborough is a boss.


I was just about to buy this when I saw the comment that its the Oprah version. That just ruined it for me. I guess I will have to get it elsewhere.


@sinjinsb: You don't really need to say "I prefer the David Attenborough version" it's perfectly alright to state that it's simply a lot better than the Oprah version.