dealsnintendo wii u 32gb for $319.99


That's a good deal. Nintendo has recently stated they have no price drops planned, and this is $30 below retail. The controller works perfectly and is a lot of fun. Bought it at release and my family still plays Nintendo Land all the time. I loved ZombiU and am currently really enjoying Pikmin 3.


What's a Wii U? Does the U stand for underperforming?


With how many are on Craigslist, it's better to pay $200-$250 and get one with a bunch of games that the previous owner didn't like.


Actually with how many are still on store shelves it would be better to pay no attention to the WiiU and forget it ever happened. Not even a "Zelda bundle" could rationalize paying $350 for this train wreck of video game console. 32GB console for $


@grimpett: I agree. Many of the very best developers have abandoned the Wii U, so you better LOVE Nintendo games if you buy this thing. With so few sales, developers have no incentive to make games, and with no games, the Wii U is another useless box under your TV. I wish it would have been a success, but Nintendo dug their own grave by abandoning the gamers that were their biggest fans.

Don't worry though, Nintendo isn't going anywhere. Their DS consoles are still a massive success and they have a massive amount of funds on hand to weather this storm.


@kev50027: "With so few sales"

It's barely been out a year, and it launched during a recessionary period. 3.61 million units really isn't bad for that time frame and price point.

"I wish it would have been a success"

Based on the way you wrote your message I doubt you really wanted it to be a success, or really even cared. Your message carries a lot of "I told you so" and generic navel gazing.

"Nintendo dug their own grave by abandoning the gamers that were their biggest fans."

Which gamers do you think those are who were "abandoned"? Nintendo has developed more Mario games already, and has a new Zelda in the works for the Wii U. The biggest fans of Nintendo were never the ones who looked at the other consoles and wished to play Halo 12 or Call of Duty 9 Special Polka Dot Edition. Wii U adds the features that people asked for in the first Wii, namely HD graphics. It also retains the motion controls that made the original Wii fun to play.


It looks like the few people who got burned by buying this under-performing system are the ones down voting all of these people's comments. They are absolutely right, this thing is a fail.


@lparsons42: If everyone in the tech and gaming industry is calling something a failure and it hasn't even been out a year, you can count on the fact that it is a failure.

Many other luxury items are selling very well in this recession. BMW is having their best year ever, yet you blame the Wii U's failure to sell on the economy? Game sales are slumping now because everyone is waiting for the next gen consoles. That's according to an industry analyst, not a Nintendo fanboy.

I did want the Wii U to be a success. Even though I never planned on getting one, I wish Nintendo the best of luck since they tend to sell less expensive hardware than competitors, which increases price competition and results in better prices for everyone. I personally prefer the PS3, so I know what it's like to root for an under-dog, but you have to be rational about it.

Nintendo abandoned their core fans when they made the Wii. They designed it for casual gaming, and that did not appeal to hardcore gamers.


@lparsons42: You made my point when you said, "Nintendo has developed more Mario games already, and has a new Zelda in the works for the Wii U."

Nintendo has been remaking games from the 1980's for over 30 years now, and there is only so much retro gaming one gamer can handle. I used to be a huge Nintendo fan, but I got tired of Mario and Zelda games around the time the GameCube came out. Ever since the Wii, Nintendo's hardware has been one generation behind everyone else. Cnet says the Wii U's graphics barely compare to the Xbox 360 and PS3. You just got HD? How cute. My smartphone can play graphically intensive games in HD.

I wanted the Wii U to succeed so that there would be more competition, but now it's a two horse race.

The Wii sold very well, but the games didn't because they were selling the Wii to people who were not gamers. These non gamers have no reason to go buy a new console, so the Wii U is failing.


yeah a wii u is worth 199.99. I'm waiting.


How many of you people here that are dismissing the Wii u have actually played it? ANYONE? MOST LIKELY NOT!.

Last time around we got all three, Wii, Xbox 360, and PS3. We enjoyed all three though we tended towards the 360 the most. And now we have a Wii u. Having played Arkham City on both the PS3 and Wii u, I can say that 1. The graphics are better on the Wii u, and 2 the use of the second screen made it a much more immersive experience. The PS3 version of the game got sold.

we recently acquired Lego city under cover for the Wii u. The whole family including this 39 year old dad, has been enjoying this game, it would be downright impossible to create that game experience on another console.

Assassins Creed III. I have 1 and 2 for the Xbox but bought three for the Wii u. Great game. The part that is nice is that I won't play games like that.when the kids.are.around, but with the Wii u, I can have the TV OFF AND STILL PLAY IT USING THE 2ND SCREEN ONLY!


@kev50027: Yes, because everyone in the tech and gaming industry is so often accurate. They accurately predicted the dominance of the Wii. Oh wait, no they didn't. They said it would fail. They said the DS would fail. They said the 3DS DID fail. (It had a slow start, but now it is doing extremely well.) I think the industry has a long history of underestimating Nintendo because they just can't predict the results of true innovation. They like Sony and Microsoft because they are predicatable. They always take the safe path. (Usually a path created by Nintendo.)

Nintendo hasn't been in competition with these guys for a long time. They're doing their own thing and it works for some of us. I won't pretend they aren't having problems and that I am not disappointed that they aren't doing better this time around, but for those of us who don't have the resources to buy a game every couple of weeks or the time to get our money's worth out of those games, we have plenty to do.


@kev50027: Everyone called the Wii a failure until it started out selling the other two consoles.... Combined.....


@kelshir -- that might have been true during the first year of sales, but PS3 and Xbox 360 (combined) have outsold Wii. But that's not the point, console success is usually measured by the number of licenses sold (ie. how many games are sold) and complementary services (eg. xbox live).


Combined? That's hardly a meaningful metric. Sure, if you combine XBox 360 and PS3 sales, they total more than the Wii sales, but the Wii has outsold both of them individually.
As for number of games sold, the three companies each have different licensing strategies and make differing amounts of money off the games, so that isn't the most direct metric either. For example, Sony charges steep license fees to make up for the fact that they make no profit on the console itself. Nintendo can charge less for license as the console is a profit maker.

Online services have highly variable profit margins as well; after all if they are running online services they need servers, power, administrators, etc...


@ascordo: I'm glad you like your Wii U. Unfortunately, Nintendo has been unable to convince many other people that they will like the console, and thus sales are flat. What's even more worrying is that they can't convince game developers to make games for the console.


@pasquirlio: The Wii was a sales success, but it did not sell games. In that very important sense, the Wii was a complete failure. It doesn't matter how many consoles you can sell if the people who buy them don't buy games. Fortunately for Nintendo, they made money on the Wii, so unlike Microsoft and Sony they did not have to make up their losses by selling games, but in the end the Xbox 360 and PS3 are far more popular for playing games than the Wii. One important reason why is because the 360 and PS3 make online gaming easy and fun. On the Wii and Wii U (and every other Nintendo product) online gaming is a pain in the rear. I was hoping they would improve this on the Wii U, but they didn't.

Whether Nintendo is competing with Sony and Microsoft depends on how you look at things. For young children and older people who love retro gaming, Nintendo can't be beat, but smartphones and tablets are eating into that market now, so Nintendo has more competition than ever.


"On the Wii and Wii U (and every other Nintendo product) online gaming is a pain in the rear."

That depends on the game. There are many, many, people still playing Mario Kart Wii online who would vehemently disagree with your assertion of it being "a pain in the rear".


@lparsons42: I'm not sure about combining sales of competitors, but game sales per console is a very meaningful metric. You can tell how often gamers use their consoles by how many games they buy for it. The Wii U is continuing in the path of the Wii, with a reported 1.2 games sold per console.

You mention how Nintendo has an advantage when licensing their console for developers, but this advantage is not attracting developers. In fact, they are dropping the Wii U in droves. Why develop for the Wii U when there are many more PS3s and 360s out there? Why develop for the Wii U if the PS4 and Xbox One are expected to sell well? Why develop for the Wii U if Wii U owners don't buy games?

Online services have huge profit margins since the cost to maintain them is relatively fixed, it does not rise greatly with each additional customer. The


ahhh the good ol' console bashing... ps fanboys here, xbox fanboys there, nintendo fanboys over there...

Since I have disposable income I can afford buying one of each and enjoy fanboy bashing everywhere...


Nonetheless I do enjoy my wii u and for this price and if you are in the market for one, go ahead, you wont be disappointed.


PS4 and XBone don't have any titles in the works that would cause me to break allegiance to the glorious PC gaming master race, but the next Super Smash Brothers title just might do it. I'm not in the market until that happens, but I'm definitely buying a WiiU when I can beat down some punks as MegaMan. Anyone who says the Wii was not an incredible success is clearly an idiot -- they turned the video game market on its ear, and many gamers didn't like that they weren't content to just pander to mouth-breathers for another console generation. But suddenly demographics that were far outside of the norm were buying consoles and games. Soccer moms, geriatrics -- everyone likes the Wii. Who cares if developers aren't making games for it that their intended market don't play in the first place? Nintendo has been profitable with every console launch, something that neither Sony nor Microsoft can boast. Was it a success? In any business sense, there's no question it was.


@ascordo: That is exactly what is happening. Everyone is so opposed to the IDEA, they dont bother playing it. Was the same way with the Wii to a degree, but people actually tried than and BOOM, huge success. The WiiUs failure isnt the fault of Nintendo, at least not directly. It is the fault of sheepish, lazy, unwilling-to-accept-something-new consumers and a shitty pr campaign


@kev50027: "Nintendo abandoned their core fans when they made the Wii. They designed it for casual gaming, and that did not appeal to hardcore gamers."

Ummm....what? This statement is quite possibly the dumbest thing I've read in 6+ years of being on Woot. I don't agree with your overall message, but I was digging where you were going with the "price competition" angle. Then you dropped this little nugget and lost any credibility.

By "hardcore" I'm guessing you're talking about the COD/Halo-loving crowd. In the 30 years since the Famicom first hit Japan, Nintendo has never been known for catering to "hardcore" gamers. Nintendo historically catered to families and younger gamers. With the release of the DS and Wii, instead of focusing on "hardcore gamers" they aimed higher and expanded their audience more than any other video game company in history . They continue to do the same with the 3DS and Wii U.


@styloroc: It might be better to support your claims with actual figures.

U.S. Console Sales According to NPD (in millions):
2006: Wii-1.08, Xbox-3.9, PS3-0.69
2007: Wii-6.29, Xbox-4.62, PS3-2.56
2008: Wii-10.15, Xbox-4.74, PS3-3.54
2009: Wii-9.59, Xbox-4.77, PS3-4.33
2010: Wii-7.07, Xbox-6.76, PS3-4.33
2011: Wii-4.54, Xbox-7.28, PS3-4.52
Overall sales from 2006-2011: Wii-38.72, Xbox-32.07, PS3-19.97

The Wii outselling both other consoles from 2007-2010 is a bit more than the "first year of sales. And as for the "PS3 and Xbox 360 (combined) have outsold Wii" comment, so what? I'd say a much bigger statement is made by the fact the Wii single-handedly outsold both of its main competitors in 2008-2009 (and nearly in 2007).


@kev50027: Once again, it would be nice if comments were backed up by figures.

"The Wii was a sales success, but it did not sell games. In that very important sense, the Wii was a complete failure. It doesn't matter how many consoles you can sell if the people who buy them don't buy games"

Global Software Sales to Date by Platform (in millions):

U.S. Software Sales to Date by Platform (in millions):

Looks like the Wii sold a game or two. It's weird when a "complete failure" sells more games globally than both of its competitors, especially considering the Xbox had a one year head start.