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Aka the same sale they have every other week.

I'd rather give money to basically anyone else other than Gamestop, which is doing its' damndest to destroy the industry for their own profit.


@sybrwookie: I'm not a big Gamestop fan, but I fail to see what they are doing that is different from other retailers. If you are referring to used games, everyone is doing that now. If you are referring to pre-order bonuses, that is also pretty standard. If you are referring to poor service, that's pretty common too.


Poor service is a definite one.

Sales which aren't really sales is another (it's quite common for them to have "sales" which use really big-sounding numbers which end up with you paying $5 less than normal on a $100 purchase).

Upselling is a big third one ("oh, you want a $60 game? well, how about this almost useless warranty for another $5, a strategy guide you can find online for free for another $10, our club membership which you need to buy another 6 games to break even + you get a magazine you don't want for another $20, and want to preorder something else? it's only $5 down now, and in 8 months from now when it comes out, you'll certainly still want the game and have this slip of paper!")

And the biggest one, which I cite for destroying the industry, isn't used games. It's the way they sell them: "Oh hi, I see you have new game X! How about instead of buying that for $60, you grab one of those used copies for $57? It's just like new and saves you $$!"


Oh, and I almost forgot: their absolutely ridiculous buyback prices on games. The markups they put on used games are astronomical (generally start at about 3x the price they purchase the game from a customer for).

I'm actually 100% for used games and the idiocy of the games industry for trying to blame the customer for wanting to sell their games after they're done with them and/or buy a game for a price the market actually demands (and not just whatever a store wants to push on us) baffles me to no end. It's just this horrible, horrible franchise that just makes it that much worse.


agreed, no one should buy/sell used stuff there. There are so many websites made to connect the buyer with the seller that you don't need to let gamestop fleece people for 50% of the price. Oh that game you just bought 2 weeks ago the day it came out was short and you finished it? Here's maybe 22$, were going to sell it tomorrow for 55$.

craigslist/ebay/amazon should put their used stuff out of business but dumb parents take their little kids crap there because they are morons


I agree with everything said above but I always fall victim to the convenience of them being close and not paying extra to have a game in 24 hours. I'm impulsive and that's my problem but none of this really justifies the degree of f_ckery they pull.


I'm uncertain why I should give a Woot's ass about the video game industry. Does anybody feel like Activision really gives Woot's ass about them? They're concerned with their wallets, I'm concerned with mine. I buy used games pretty much exclusively, whether it be from Gamestop, eBay, or a friend.

I understand not wanting to go there because if poor customer service, but the argument "destroying the industry" really doesn't hold any water when it looks to me that Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, and most of the major developer houses are doing A-OK. If they aren't, chances are it's because they're putting out a garbage product more than anything.

Save YOUR money, folks. It's the game that matters.

/in b4 fanboys


And for reals, don't hate on GS for pushing those used games. It's how they stay in business. I manage a restaurant. I could say "Hey, you should go to the store 2 blocks away and get that same steak for less and cook it yourself!", but that wouldn't make much business sense, would it? Don't try to shame a company for trying to make money.


Gamestop used game prices are higher than Amazon new game prices. They should never be listed on woot.


Why should you care? Well, maybe you shouldn't. Do you like playing Madden, Call of Duty, Mario, and NOTHING else? If so, then go ahead, don't care. If you actually like to play new IPs, then you should care. Because companies who actually make money are ones which actually takes chances on new IPs.

And bad comparison is bad. That's not telling someone to go down the street to eat. That's another restaurant setting up shop inside your restaurant, offering to buy steaks from your customers before they touch them for a really low price, your customers being dumb enough to take them up on the offer, then them running up to your other customers and offering to sell them the same steak they'd get from you, only for $3 less. And you being able to do nothing about it.


There's ways to take advantage of gamestop's sell back programs. They will have sales where they give you 50% more in store credit for trades, but they will also have sales that take a percentage off pre-owned games and accessories. If you time your purchases and trade-ins, you can get a fair value for trade ins. You also get more for trading in if you have a membership, and your pre-owned games cost 5$ cheaper. I personally hate gamestop, but if you hit all the multipliers at the same time, you can get a good deal.


@brian53newell: Agreed. If you play it right, you can get double at Gamestop than what Amazon gives for used games. Often, I check trade-in prices on Amazon, take my list to Gamestop, and sell some to both depending on the value. Of course, Gamestop's purchasing prices are higher, but if you watch deals or sales, you can come out ahead.

I'm not a Gamestop fan, but they do have their value if you work their system.

vote-for0vote-against is much is much better to me, unless you're in a hurry. Amazon used items sales and Half are my two go to places for games nowadays. The new catch though with a lot of games is getting the online access to games. Now, when you buy a game, for example...lets say Madden 2012. Buy it used from Gamestop and you pay 50 bucks. But what you don't get is the online component. You have to pay an extra 5-10 dollars for that on xbox live or through EA. Same with Battlefield 3. So be careful buying preowned games. But I find has stuff much cheaper than even's used games. And shipping is usually only a couple bucks. They also categorize with new, like new, very good and so one. Don't waste your time supporting Gamestop and EB Games. They just gouge you. I've been able to get a few deals there, but you have to jump through hoops. My 2 pennies. Dedicated game stores shouldn't stay in business. Best Buy gouges too though in trades and used game.


@ikickpuppies: If Gamestop were a restaurant, the steak you could get from them for $20 you could get at another restaurant with better service for $10.

We're not trying to shame a company for trying to make money, we're trying to shame a company for treating their customers poorly and trying to rip them off. There is a difference. On average, GS will give you around 10% of the original retail price on a game when you trade it in. A bit more if it's a popular game, a bit less if it isn't. They will then turn around and sell that game for around 80-85% of the original retail price. Giving me $5 for a $50 game that they then turn around and sell for $40 or $45 is not them just trying to make money, that's them gouging their customers because they don't like their margin on new games.

Once places like Frys Electronics, NewEgg, and Amazon started offering occasional sales on new games, the $5 or $10 you might get per game from GS stopped being worth it.


@ikickpuppies: I agree. The video game industry often puts our garbage games and sells them for full price to unsuspecting or ignorant buyers. They also have found ways to make money from used games or rentals by requiring online passes, new purchase bonuses, DLC add-ons, etc. To blame Gamestop for hurting the game industry is like demonizing airlines for hurting the railroads. Times change and industries need to adapt and grow, which we are seeing happen.


If Gamestop was a steakhouse they would serve you a meal the cook already took a few bites of, then tell you its new.


I came here to talk about how (profanity) up GameStop is but it seems like everyone has already beaten me to it. Good form!


Another gripe...half the time the people selling games there don't even have a clue what games are out. I went in looking to get nostalgic and wanted to pick up a copy of Goldeneye for the 360. They insisted it didn't exist and they had it for the PS3 with the move controller. I knew it existed. Very frequently I have been in a Gamestop and saved customers from bad purchases. I will regularly do this. Parents really are naive when it comes to games. They try to sell you crap peripherals, they sell you games that suck without remorse. I hope if I ever become a parent, that I don't become naive to these things. It reminds me of places like Sam Goody. Who buys from retail price stores? I don't ever buy full price...ever. Not even groceries! :)


@wnyx585am: Lets try it this way:

Industry changes: More demands for online play, DLC, fully downloadable games, a space for indy publishers to actually put out games, and for game systems to do more than just play games (ie: netflix, etc.). The industry has, to different extents, adapted there.

Not industry changes: Gamestop puts a 300% markup on used games from purchasing from one customer to selling to another.

You're absolutely right that game companies who pull out parts of games to later sell as DLC or put horribly restrictive DRM on games is crap and companies who do things like that should be avoided (coughCapcomcough). But just because some game companies are the bad guys doesn't mean that a company screwing them over (Gamestop) is the good guys. They can both be bad guys trying to screw us over.


@sybrwookie: I agree that they can both be the bad guys, however, Gamestop would not have huge markups if people were not willing to pay them and companies would not sell DLC if people did not want it.

So I guess it's you and me that are the bad guys. :)

I think that Gamestop, like any business, has its good points and bad points. Like many situations, if you are an educated consumer, you can do ok or even well when shopping at Gamestop. If you are ignorant, foolish, or don't care, you are likely to get screwed over (or at least not get a decent deal). Same goes for many other retailers/businesses.


@sybrwookie: Exactly... Just like with piracy and everything else. Ripping people off or stealing from a company doesn't "get them back" it just makes you an unethical thief. I'm sick of people defending these tactics. You go right ahead and give away your parent's money but those of us who have to use our hardearned money should be appalled by this behavior. DRM and online passes wouldn't exist if it weren't for behavior like this. I'm looking forward to the days when all games will be sold online with some measure of DRM. We're only a generation or so away from that.


I find that Gamefly has better deals when it comes to buying used games. I've found games for half of what Gamestop wanted and with free shipping too! Can't beat that.


@woocls: doing away with physical media and DRM are certainly not the answer to anything.

There has never been and will never be DRM which lasts more than a month without being broken. Most won't last a week, many don't last a day. DRM only ends up hurting those who try to do things the right way, as they're stuck with getting errors about not being able to see a server needed to confirm they own the game, not being able to reinstall on a newly purchased computer, and/or the game just never working in the first place. Those who pirate/crack the game get the better experience.

Physical media at least assures you that you have something you own. Right now, all those games you have on XBLA, Steam, and any other media distribution system are long-term rentals. If the right server(s) are turned off, you can no longer play your games. Therefore, they are not your games.


I guess I don't care about the buyback prices because I'm not the gaming equivalent of a crackwhore and just keep them or give them to people who want them if I really don't want to keep the game around. They are convenient to pick up a game, so if I want one now and I'm near a GS I'll go there. If I want to wait two days, I've got Amazon Prime.


@sybrwookie: The sale of used video games can actually make developers/publishers money in the long run. It can get people into their games that normally wouldn't play them. I know if I had to buy only good games I wouldn't have as many games as I do and I wouldn't have preordered as many sequels as I have.


You guys have to understand, Gamestop employees are REQUIRED to reach a certain % of preowned, preorders, and tradeins every day, as well as the loyalty cards. If they don't meet the numbers, they're fired. There's a lot of pressure on the employee, and not only that, you have the same people coming in and out, not preordering games and EXPECT to get a game the day it comes out (then its sold out). It gets rather annoying.

Also, it's not really ripping people off. It works just like a pawn shop, expect to get about half of what you paid for. And in reality, Gamestop really doesn't make that much money off of used games, it's mostly marketing and ads from big game companies.


@jalbka: Are they REQUIRED to open games, take them home to play, then slap price tags on the cases and sell them as new?


I'd like to add that ANY time I've looked at a used game from there, it looked like it ha been handled by a six year old wearing sandpaper gloves.
Super Mario Galaxy - 19.99 New
Super Mario Galaxy - 17.99 After being buffed with broken glass


@jalbka: They make a killing off used games! If one used game is traded back to the same store a couple of times, they make more money on each transaction.

A game is sold to a customer for 60$, two months later that customer trades it in for 20$. A 2nd customer comes and buys that 20$ game for 55$. He/she returns it in 2 months for 15$. A 3rd customer comes in and buys the game the 15$ game for 55$.

I'm not sure what the profit is on a new game, but lets say gamestop buys their new games for 40$ each, for one trade in cycle, gamestop would make 20 + 35 + 40 for 3 exchanges of the same game. That's close to 100$ for one game.


@brian53newell: a lot of games wouldn't resell for $55 after 2 months and most games (except AAA titles like Call of Duty, Battlefield, etc) definietly wouldn't be able to resll for $55 4 months after the game came out.
It seems that now a days most games drop in price to at least $50 new within a month and then drop about $10 every month after. Some faster and very few will keep the value at $60.

Lets look at it this way. Modern warfare 3 is $49.99 on Amazon (as of me posting this comment). It was released in November and is the highest selling media ever making more then 750 million dollars within the first 5 days and yet it is still seeing a price decrease. Several other big games released around the same time are also $49.99 such as Battlefield and Batman:AC.
I don't disagree that they usually make more money on used games then on new games but it is not as much as you may think.

Also for everyone else. Many different stores buy and sell used games such as amazon and best buy


@sybrwookie: I completely agree with you.

I do like to download some arcade games but in the end they are not mine. If we went to an online only model that would give company's 100% control over what games we can play and for what amount of time.

This past summer EA shut down many of its online servers because they weren't popular enough to keep open. so does that mean when we go to an online only concept that if it is not popular then it will get shut down.
Some of those games shut down are ARMY OF TWO, Battlefield 2: Modern Combat, NASCAR 09 , NCAA Basketball 10, NCAA Football 10, Need for Speed Most Wanted, SKATE, Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 10, Madden NFL 10, NHL 10. Some of these games were only 2 years old when they had the servers pulled.

There are many other points that I won't discuss but if or when gaming goes to online only. I will no longer invest in the games and will stick with all of the games I already own.

That is all



You do realize that employees are not allowed to take home games at all unless they're used and only for 3 days? They have to open a game, gut it, and put a case on the floor. There are no live product at all on the floor, only behind the counter. None of those games are played. You can't even return a brand new opened game unless it's defective.


@jalbka: But Gamestop still opens games and sells them as new. I don't care how they are handled. If they are not factory sealed, it's not a new game. Imagine if Best Buy had the same policy?

The 'new' game I bought the other day is more scratched up than my 5 year old games.