dealsbloomin' onion from outback steakhouse if ryan…


The cheesy fries are better!! ( just sayin' ) Their house ranch dip is to DIE for.


Original thought: "Shouldn't this be posted Monday, and only if Ryan is in top-10?"

After going to the link: "Oh, so it's like Papa John's and the Superbowl coin toss... You have to sign up first..."


Who? What? As much as I love their bloom'n onion, I haven't eaten one since I looked up the nutritional information. It is the 2nd worst thing you can order from anywhere. Chilly cheese fries are the worst by the way. If I remember right, one serving is like 4000 calories.


@matkyne: So it isn't healthy with a pint of beer ?


@tatterbits: "Everything is health with a pint of beer" - Dr. Spaceman


I know it's not Monday yet... But now I'm hungry for Outback... :\


@matkyne: Outback has just pulled a fast one. Since they have been getting so much blowback from the high caloric content of some of their menu items, the appetizers are now officially "to share". So how many servings in a Bloomin' Onion? Two, maybe four? Nope, try six. At 325 kcal per serving, each Bloomin Onion packs 1948.9 kcal total. And I don't think that includes any dipping sauce.


I'm always amazed when people are surprised to find out that a salted batter deep fat fried onion has a lot of calories.