dealsportable 250 psi air compressor w/ 3 tips for $7…


Yeah, I saw this last night. Anyone with experience with it have comments? I'd be mostly looking at it to top off bicycle tires, needing up to 80 PSI.


Seems like a decent deal. I wonder if it actually works...

Similar Amazon product (found by searching 12v Rolsen Air Compressor)

Note the review from May 1st:

"I am very dissappointed in this product. I bought it from and only paid $8.99 for it (plus $4.99 shipping). It wasn't worth the effort to send it back. "


@baqui63: reading some reviews, this thing is c r a p. :-(


Yeah, these things are crap.


Its the exact same thing at harbor freight that I bought for 5 dollars, but in black. Its crap.


Airing up bicycle tires is about all these things are good for... MAYBE adding a few pounds to a car tire. But I wouldn't trust it to actually inflate anything large (like a completely flat tire) more than once or twice. It may be rated for "up to 250psi" but they don't tell you that the output air volume at that kind of pressure is almost nill. The device would overheat and catch on fire before it could inflate anything to 250psi... or even 80psi for that matter (I've had them overheat at that level in the past).


One of these came in a car emergency kit at walmart (with the tips and all). I loved that it is way smaller than a hand or foot pump. Only tried to use it once to inflate an inflatable tube (recreational -like you'd by at target, not a car tire). After 20 minutes of buzzing it hadn't done anything, so I just inflated it by mouth. Don't waste your time with it.


Thanks for the comments. I almost bought one of these guys. Thought it was strange that the product demo was 1) from another website and 2) didn't actually show them using the product in it's intended capacity.