dealssteve miller: fly like an eagle - mp3 for $0.00


At least you didn't have to drill down to find out it was only the song.


Have to surrender the cc info. Deal breaker and no thanks.


give up cc, I agree, no deal


Already had an account. Thanks.


Yeah, I dove in and gave Google my CC info back when "Beautiful Day" by U2 was the free song of the day. Thanks to the rest of y'all posting "free song" deals, I've got like a 100 songs or something and haven't paid a dime.

So . . .
a) I don't regret giving Google my CC info and
b) thanks, wooters!


CC?? You guys were to naive. There is no need to touch the CC information. It is TRULY free. You can't Fly Like an Eagle when you hang out with a bunch of Turkeys!


Anybody worrying about giving credit card information to Google is paranoid. Either Apple or Google is going to get it as soon as you get a smart phone or tablet and want apps. Worrying about it is just plain silly. It is no different than giving it to Amazon.


Am looking forward to this myself....


I just downloaded it - thanks for posting! TGIF!


For the ones whining about giving up CC info... how exactly do you currently get applications for your Android device then, be it via Google Play, Amazon Apps, or whatnot? Do you just "borrow" the APKs from other sources? Even free apps get the initial $1 pre-auth the first time around.

Or are you those types of people who buy a smartphone/tablet and then don't actually use anything other than the base apps?

Back to the deal though... great find!


FEH! They want my cc number for this. As IF! >-(


@filemaniac: I don't mind giving out my cc number if it's a site whose products I know I'll be buying fairly frequently. It's one thing to have it on file somewhere for apps, but another entirely to download only ONE song.



Totally agree. These are the same questions I ask myself whenever the "CC info..NO DEAL!!!" rants start. If you have an Android device then you're almost certain to be getting your apps from either Google Play or Amazon Appstore "fairly frequently" so why pretend that getting a free song is somehow something completely different?

Oh well...enough with the trolls. It's time for, "tick do do do do..."


Look........a squirrel !!!!!


Awesome!!! Thank You!!! Woot! Woot!


Hard to believe how old this song is (and how old I am, by extension). Man, time keeps on slippin', slippin', slippin'...


Just got an error-- couldn't complete purchase because of a technical error. I already have a credit card on my Google Wallet/Play account, so no idea what's gone wrong. Will try again later.


I could only find a handful of free songs on Google Play. Last week or so, there were dozens and dozens. Did they take them down or move them?


If you use real credit card (not a debit card) you're not responsible for any bogus purchases. Your card can get swiped from anywhere; the corner restaurant is more likely to leak the number. If it happens, you close the card, get a new number, and move on. I've had to do this several times (none related to Google).


Thanks for the awesome song! I have downloaded free purchases off google play before and the songs are great. Keep them coming! :)


Tried three hours later and sale went through just fine (same card, same account). Guess it was just a glitch, so keep trying if you also get "technical error".


@kimiye: Yeah, I've seen that happen sometimes when Google Play is under heavy load. It was especially an issue when they were having all of those .99 cents app sales awhile ago!


@k2nsf: They have a free song every day, plus randomly they'll have big collections of free music (e.g., the free Indie Music sampler from the past week).


I repair computers and got permission from local disk jockey to "back up" his hard 9000 songs now..........


I caught Eric Schmidt using my CC number down at the local strip club. Evil Google.


0 for Fly Like An Eagle? About right. I was sick of that song in the '70s. Tick tock, di do di di di diiiii. arrrrggggghhhhhhh


I have expired credit card info in there, I have been able to download free apps on all my android devices forever, there never been any "pre-auths" for free apps.

if you are super worried about google having your info, goto the corner store or walmart, or just fill out a mail in rebate, get a visa/MC/Amex gift card, enter it on your google account, spend all the money on the card, offline, then enjoy the free downloads