dealsget a $200 coffeemaker w/ any bosch dishwasher…


Not sure if this is a deal or not. But they are the slowest shipper on the face of this earth.


We just bought a Bosch at Sears about a month ago when they were on sale. We couldn't be happier with it. The best part is the fact that it is ultra quiet.

I don't know anything about this vendor, but the prices seem to be comparable to sale prices at Sears (maybe just slightly higher). You can compare prices by putting the item number from this site in the search bar at


I work in the large appliance market, specifically dishwashers. Part of my job was to do claims research and testing on competing brands and models. I'll tell you this, a $1500 Bosch was often outperformed by a $700 Kenmore. The Bosch would sometimes only use 5 liters of water during a normal wash cycle and the inside of the unit would still be covered in soils from the dishes. An average dishwasher should use between 14 and 25 liters for a normal wash cycle.

I say save 800 bucks and buy a different brand of dishwasher. $800 can get you one heck of a coffee maker.


I have a Bosch diswasher. And it has a funky smell. More than my old Kenmore. I have read that Bosch is like that for some reason. Just sayin.


I am an unhappy Bosch DW owner. Mine is now about 8 years old and needs a controller as it no longer shuts off when told to do so. I have had numerous complaints on my Bosch double ovens and cooktop as well. We are now in the process of replacing all of them. I had the opportunity to complain to a Bosch rep at a store where we were deciding what to buy and after I told him never again will I buy Bosch, he told me "I'm not gonna lose any sleep over it". I guess he just thought I was rude to complain. Also getting rid of my Bosch power tools. Some are good, some are not.


Hey all! Shipping takes generally 5-7 business days- standard for most trucking shipments. Don't forget- we do offer Free shipping, no tax out of NJ- so you end up saving even more!

There are also 10% off deals when you buy certain Bosch Packages.