deals5oz bottle bacon hot sauce free with $25 purchase!


Here's a tip:
- Add something LESS than $25 to your cart
- Go to your cart and choose a free 1oz sample of another spice
- THEN add whatever else you need to get over $25
- A free bottle of hot sauce will appear in the cart

If you add all $25 before going to your cart, the free sample opportunity never appears.


@likelyculprit: I've never had that problem. I've always had the 1oz sample selection at the very bottom of my cart when I view it.


@zethreal - glad to hear it! I think the site may just be a tad wonky. After I posted last, I went to order and the sample disappeared altogether but then reappeard as I was checking out. Either way, happy to have some hot sauce thrown in there too. Free sample, free hot sauce, free shipping + pretty low prices? Yes please.


@likelyculprit: If you've never ordered through them, you're in for a big surprise! I found that their spices were really fresh ( try ginger you can smell through a sealed bag and vanilla beans you can tie in a knot! )

Since my first order, I've been getting stuff from them about every 6 months & have no complaints yet.


There's no bacon (or anything related) in this. It's got autolyzed yeast extract in it, which is packed with free glutamates and provides a "meaty" taste (umami), but that's as close as it gets. It's Yeast Hot Sauce that may remind you of bacon, sort of.


@craigthom: what about that "Natural Flavor?"