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I've been doing this for quite awhile now, I admittedly don't remember every day, but try remember as often as possible.

Not many things that give something for [almost] nothing.


in for three. (different IP addresses)


Proof it's legit:

There are few charity things that I've been meaning to post for a long time...but I don't wanna bombard Deals with charity stuff and get people burnt out on it, so I'll space it out :)

@internettraditions: Awesome :D I'm pretty sure I'm on a Dynamic IP right now too, gonna follow your lead heh


The Snopes article also has a link to The Hunger Site, which I followed for quite a while and will now start visiting daily again.


I try to go here every day (admittedly it doesn't always happen) but it's the easiest way I know to donate to charity that doesn't cost me a single thing. Kudos for posting!


Im in! Dont forget to check out the sponsors too as they pay for all those mammograms after you click. Their store has some pretty good sales going on as well.


I think it's a great idea to be aware and support the fight against breast cancer but this entire campaign against breast cancer, while it has been effective is also terribly sexist and one sided.

16% of men get prostate cancer while only 12% of women get breast cancer.
Yet it seems that people don't want to do anything about prostate cancer, I guess it's just not sexy enough.


you guys can sign up for the daily emails and there is a link in that email everyday. just go through and click all of the different causes along the top. i always start with one specific one, the one i get my email from, then hit all the rest of the tabs.

they also have good sales on items sold by sponsors. the items fund extra donations beyond what your daily click provides. i've seen a lot of items which are fair trade too, so doubley good

@j3jymann although rare, men also can get breast cancer


while you are there you can also click on the other charities hunger, animals, autism veterans etc...all good causes and it only takes a minute. Good the boobies et al.


@j3jymann: Anthony for Men, a men's skin care and grooming products co., has been supporting this effort for years. Stats are 101 men die from prostate cancer each day.


all the donations given to cancer causes... well when I had cancer, did I see any help? NOOOO. Therefore all charities must be a scam.


Save second base!

On a more serious note, my mom's a two year survivor (with many years to go) and this stuff means a lot even if it doesn't always make that big of a difference. Sometimes just a little one is all someone needs.


Click on all the charities. There are more above the first one.


That's AWESOME so many people are in for this, when I get some time later I'll make a question with a few of the other free Charities I "donate" too.

Here's this site's Food counterpart:

(Direct link if you don't wanna have to look at my deal:

I posted that one a year or so ago, but it still works.


@w00tgurl: Yeah, guys are far from exempt from breast cancer. My doctor thought I had it at one turned out to just be some weird skin thing on top of my muscle...still scary though.


Free breast exam at my address... I am saving the women from cancer---honest, ma....


Thanks to everybody who donates

I'm sure the charity will be happy/surprised (and probably a little confused) to see such a large influx of donations :D

And if everybody tells two friends to tell two friends, that'll be...lots of friends.


2 Negative votes? Seriously?


@drchops: 2 boob haters, boob virgins, or as they say in youtube language..

2 people's moms never breastfed them :)


@w00tgurl: lol, that was my first thought. This is going to spawn a lot of YouTube language.

A lot of "x people don't have girlfriends to buy lingerie for" on OhCheri deals, etc. heh