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When I was a kid we used to put these on our heads and pull out the air with a vacuum, see who could make the best time.

And I turned out TV.


Pro Tip: These are a GREAT way to get lots of clothes off to college and to store things for the summer. We put everything in storage for son for the summer. We just seal up all the bedding, towels, and clothes that don't come home.


@markmc27: I want to uprank you because of the funny comment, but as a parent I just can't.


I know some people love Space Bags, but my personal experience has been poor. I bought several years ago, and each bag's ability to maintain a seal was kaput within a year or two - many within six months.


We've used ours for a couple of years to store the guest bedding & the winter blankets; they're still going strong, and have really cut down on the amount of storage space we need. I think we paid $20 for the same number of bags, IIRC.


Finally I can sous vide a whole side of beef!


This seems like a good deal, and as I am about to move out of the country, this seems a good way to get my clothes and other smooshables there.

But... anyone have any experience with all4cellular?

Also... these bags... not very cellular...


@takenforgranite: I've purchased from them a couple of times. No problems. They do accept PayPal.


they were utter crap when I bought them some years ago. .


@barnabee: cool, thanks!

I've had hit and miss success with these bags, but I don't need them to last forever. I just need them to last long enough to get 10 lbs of crap into a 5lb bag, and down to the DR.


interesting: bought a set on Christmas clearance in 2011. didn't work for shite. followed directions and the bag stayed sucked down for several minutes, so i put it in the closet. next day went to get my coat out, and the bag was definitely NOT vacuumed. Last fall i saw an instructable on how to make one out of a trash bag, with a clip or rubber band and a vacuum wand. been sealed about 3 months now. i guess some things you just can't buy: love, happiness and quality. Happy Monday folks.


My now wife bought these for me as kind of a gag Christmas gift. Now I'm using them to pack away her stuff for the season. Jokes on her!!

BTW - quick look and they're about $20 on Amazon so good deal here.


@pecksnif: Completely agree. They're great for compressing your bulky sweaters, pillows, and blankets, but don't expect them to keep a seal or hold their shape for any period of time.


editorkid, where in the hot tub?


Dead dead. No longer in stock.