dealsvizio 47" 1080p lcd hdtv (refurbished) for $420…


So I can get this for a bag of weed right? (420)


I'd avoid Vizio. I bought one previously and it was the worst TV I've ever bought -- and I've bought over five in the past 3 years. The remotes are incredibly cheap and hard to use; the switching of inputs is awful; the picture quality is irrelevant since there are very few LED/LCD manufacturers and all the big name brands share those manufacturers. It boils down to the features and the quality of everything else, and Vizio falls far short. Sony has been decent, along with LG and Samsung, to me.


with Black Friday near, and Wal-Mart boasting a new 60in Vizio LED Smart TV for $688, this seem's like a dud of a deal. Also, select Targets tomorrow night are even selling 42in Vizio LCD Smart TV's for $399 with $20 gift card and an additional $10 off (even further discounts with 5%off with Target Debit/Credit Card). I say select Targets, as the sale is during there "Call of Duty: Black Ops 2" sale, with certain stores remaining open from 10pm-12am for the opening.


Vizio tv's are great bang for the buck... but with Black Friday coming and the x-mas deals around the corner, there's some great deals coming in the next few weeks.
As for Vizio- Have 3 and they all exceed my expectations for their price point. Is there better? Yes, but they cost more.


@swader: you haveany more info regarding the Target offering?