dealsplaylist feature: filter magazine's psssst…


Free crap is still crap. Others may like this, but it is too slow for me.


@muddytow Minus the Bear? Beach House? There are some up and coming artists here, which doesn't surprise me because filter doesn't publish "crap." What do you even mean by "too slow?" Did you even listen to any of the music, or are you just complaining that you had to click on each individual title (which takes about 2 minutes)?


@muddytoy: I mistakenly called you "muddytow" in my other comment.


As Filter's description indicates these are song of the indie / alternative rock variety. I found most to be good and mellow (nothing too heavy or "noisy"), and downloaded most of them.

The only "annoyance" is that you have to download each song independently (ie you cannot press "download all" and be done)

Thank you for the heads up @tbgolladay!