dealszagato flatware 20 piece set for $13.00


It only says "stainless steel" at the site. I'm going to guess 18/0.
At this price, might be good for a student or just starting out or for your picnic set.


@ceagee: I was guessing the same, but hey, it's $13... :)

I have also figured that even 18/0 (0 being having no nickel content) is just fine for 99% of most household's daily use. The only difference (sorry, being the engineer here) is just corrosion resistance, staining and shine, neither one would affect household use. Unless one dips their 18/0 in corrosive environment (wet, with high oxidation potential vs. SHE) for a LONG time, like some harsh restaurant environment, 18/0 is perfectly fine and would be fine for a long long time.