deals3 copco reusable coffee cups – double wall…


I have a Copco brand travel mug that has held up like a pro for several years. Good stuff!


Forgot to mention that coupon code LOYAL5 might get you an additional 5% off. Not sure if it's still working, but worth a try!


I purchased one Copco Adadia from the jungle a few years ago for about $8. Decent cup, but insuring a tight seal is not always guaranteed. I’d recommend a test-sip with your hand underneath so you don’t drip on yourself in the car. The gasket is fairly easily removable for cleaning -- but therein lies the rub; it can become slightly unseated allowing a dribble down the side of the cup . One of the two quarter-turn locking “tabs” on the lid has partially broken off but it still seals okay with a little concentration. It may not keep your beverage as hot as some insulated mugs but it's still my favorite.


I'll assume you guys didn't know that BPB is worse than BPA

Otherwise, YOLO is the response I'm expecting. Get a porcelain mug, not a plastic one.


@globalhavoc: Thanks for killing my caffeine buzz!


@globalhavoc: I googled BPB and Bisphenol B and, while I see that there is such a thing as BPB, I don't see anything suggesting it is used in making plastic or plastic food container products. But...even if we just grant you that BPB is used in making plastic products and that it is a health hazard, on what basis are you suggesting that the Copco coffee mugs contain BPB?

For what it's worth, I have a couple of these cups (though not the horrible color combo offered here) and I love them. They work great, keep my coffee hot for a reasonable length of time, and I like that they look like a typical disposable coffee cup.(If they contain BPB...oh well, YOLO! ;-) )