dealsoutward hound excursion canine backpacks for $8.99


I was thinking of getting one of these and making Simba carry his own sh*t (literally). But I need to measure him and see if the XL is big enough. I also wondered if the larger sizes actually get a larger bag for the extra money, or if we are just paying for a longer strap.


@moondrake: Let me end your wondering :) The larger sizes are larger bags, not just the strap. Hope this helps! :)


@thatdailydeal: Just in case you've missed the past posts, Simba is a HUGE Great Dane. If you can fit him with one of these, @moondrake will have to post pix!


@thatdailydeal: Thanks, good to know.

@belyndag: Darn, I just came in from lunch where I meant to measure him and forgot. Hopefully the deal will still be up tonight. If I do get some I will post pics when they get here. It would be nice if he could carry his own water bottle when we go on charity walks, as well as the aforementioned doggie-do bags, pre- and post-use.