dealsportal 2 life-size inflatable sentry turret for…


This was submitted previously by our friendly neighborhood Wootbot (see but since that was largely not seen by people, I feel like this excellent product deserves another chance to make an impression.


Meh.. inflatable?

Not knocking the OP, but $25 for a piece of inflatable vinyl seems a little much. I would much rather have one made out of plastic that was formidable and looked real.. I'd pay $100 plus for that.

Thanks for the post though.


Received mine today. It's vinyl, but pretty well made and durable. My cats still haven't popped it either which is a plus.


Is there room to mount a laser pointer in the "eye"? That would be excellent, especially if it was remote controlled.


Life-size? How exactly is that established?


@prime suspect: Hopefully, by cube and button based testing.


I love Portal and portal products, however, this is not a "deal" this is the normal ThinkGeek overpriced amount. I love mostly all of ThinkGeek catalog and I would own every single Portal item that they sell, but their prices are absolutely ludicrous. Even the tiny plastic made-in-china flashlight Portal turret its 24.95. This is just insane, 14.99 would be maybe worth it, and 9.99 would be an acceptable "deal". Anyway that's just my two cents worth. Another thing that makes me super angry is that ThinkGeek's Portal hoodie is 59.99. (!) Preposterous.


Maybe, the deal is the buy 3 for 59.99... Maybe? Still 20 bucks a piece seems pretty high but then again they are quite large and I can only assume the girl comes with, right...?