deals96814 defiant led aluminum flashlight combo (8…


great for one time use, or emergency use. reason so cheap is the LEDs give out before the first set of batteries.


Reviews look solid, almost perfect 5 star average with 41 reviews.


Includes 24 Eveready batteries for 3 bucks. That is 12.5 cents a battery.

Flashlights are the one thing you can never have too many of. I give them to friends who amazingly enough don't have a flashlight. Going to pick up a set when they open. Thanks.


@stephen67890: eh? really?

don't think so

These are great little and only $.37 each

At that price, I just hand them out as party favors


@stephen67890: Agreed. If only those pesky LED's lasted as long as bulbs.


Thanks for the heads up. I just picked up the 13 that my local store had for my niece who is a girl scout troup leader! And her husband is a cub scout leader! They will have FUN! :D