deals1/2 price breakfast burritos all day tues sept…


Anyone know if they have an egg and cheese burrito? Specifically without meat. Also, how much are these normally --roughly?



They don't have any without meat, but you can just ask for one they make and 86 the meat. I go with a vegetarian all the time. The Supersonic Burrito comes with eggs, cheese, tater tots, onions, tomato and jalapenos (and meat). Prices aren't on their website, but I wanna say it's ~$3 normally.


@839351: "egg and cheese...without meat"? You know that eggs are baby chickens, right?


I played the game. Found the breakfast burrito on the FIRST try !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where's my coupon ?????


Just got two and a large drink for 4.55 and they are much bigger than I expected, I was thinking like a McDonalds breakfast burrito where it is small and thin, this was easily the size of a Taco Bell burrito stuffed with Eggs Steak, Cheese and Tots...quite delicious!


@scarecrow48: No coupon needed. It's just a game.


@wwmyers: No, eggs are not baby chickens, they are eggs. An egg is a single cell that needs to be fertilized in order to become viable and grow into a baby anything.

Technically, eggs are chicken periods.


ok that I see this is only in Oklahoma?


@wwmyers: No, they are not. When talking about birds we use the term egg to describe the vessel in which a baby bird develops.

Grocery/commercial chicken eggs are not fertilized, therefore don't even contain anything that could ever become a chicken. The "yolk" and the "whites" are merely meant to provide nutrition and moisture for the developing chicken. Without a rooster there's no baby. Chickens lay eggs no matter what tho


Sonic has the best breakfast burritos ever...I luv the jr sausage one :-)


@wwmyers: No, the egg is the food source and protective habitat for a fertilized chicken embryo. An egg is most definitely NOT a chicken since they have not been fertilized by the male.


Just came back from my local Sonic. The "premium" breakfast burritos (meat lovers, steak, etc) are $3.19. Two premium burritos and a huge Route44 Strawberry Limeaid was $6.13 after tax. And as was said, these aren't tiny burritos either. I'm 6' 2" 220 and two was too much for me. .... but so delicious. lol


Adding my story to the list-Went to my local sonic and got one of each of the premium ones, total came to $3.50. I found the jalapeno/potato one was much tastier in case any of you are still looking into the deal. Very worthwhile at this price, and I even got a coupon for a BOGO(free) of the same thing for another visit!