dealschristmas gift lingerie, booty shorts & halter w…


They posted the wrong picture so go to the site to actually see it.


Hey Ocheri, i just found 2 other deals on the first two pages of hte top section. i opened them in new tabs, but when i did they were gone, then when i refreshed the page, it looks like they have all been removed? I wanted to spend my Woot credit on one, but cant find it now. do you know what happened? can you get them back so i can order one? one was a micro lace thong, and i cant remember the other one.


Don't order from Oh Cheri unless you read their return policy first!
Any item that isn't full-price is not returnable (i.e. sale items).
Even full-price lingerie is tough to return.

Their customer support leaves much to be desired.

"customers who don’t agree with our policies should certainly shop where the store policies are more acceptable."