dealsslingshot flying sock monkey for $0.97


note that if you order 2 it will be $10 shipping, 3 + $15 shipping, etc up to the max of 5 monkeys


if this the same flying slingshot sock monkey i was playing with yesterday, it has an eerie monkey scream that sounds off upon launch. kinda creepy. then again, you're slingshotting a sock monkey across the room, so maybe not so creepy.


but i'm serious. we get boxes of random books and toys brought into the bank once a month, and we can "try before you buy" on them. this month's box included the "superfly"slingshot sock monkey. i tried it yesterday. it's kinda creepy.

and don't believe the ad. it flies about 15-20 feet, max. but the price for me to buy from the "books are fun" people is $7. so this deal looks like a deal for real.