dealslevi's - 30% off jeans


My style (560) was already marked down to $50, which beats Kohl's price ($58). Take another 30% off, and they're $35 each. It would be $7.50 to ship two pair, unless you add more to your cart to reach over $100 total.


Really good deal...too bad I no goteee dinero.


Not a good deal for 514s. I can get them for around $40 anytime at several local places. Much higher on Levis' website.


If you're really lucky, the pair(s) you buy will even match the size you specify. Levi's quality control has seriously gone down the toilet in the past several years. I once purchased two pairs that were identical in every way except for the color, and they fit completely different. I realized when I looked at the tags that one pair was made in South America, the other in southeast Asia. Apparently the two factories do not agree on how to measure pants...


Boo they are out of my size... or maybe I just need to loose some weight...