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I'm confused slightly (not that unusual for me...)

This ad (and the website) states: "Flanged lid for hot coals inverts for use as griddle" and also "Self-basting cast-iron lid."

I thought that the "self-basting" lids from Lodge had little "bumps" (or nibs) spread across the bottom of the lid so that condesate drips evenly over the food as it cooks. But this also says the lid "inverts for use as a griddle." Wouldn't the bumps/nibs make it harder if not impossible to turn stuff (pancakes, etc.)?

Or am I missing something here?

Thanks for any comments.


@baqui63: I own one of these dutch ovens from lodge. The lid does not have bumps or ridges on one side. Instead, there is a slight taper of the lid. This does not prohibit using it as a griddle. However, with the handle down, it does make removing the lid/griddle from the hot coals difficult without a good potholder. Lodge is a Class A company, with top quality products. I love to cook on cast iron and Lodge is the company I buy mine from. Their cast iron skillets make wonderful wedding gifts, especially for young couples, if feedback is any indicator. ;)