dealscall of duty: modern warfare 3 for ps3 for $34.99…


Bought this for $39 six weeks ago and feel that was a good price. I've logged over 70 hours of total gameplay.

Campaign is 6 to 8 hours long, depending on if you collect the hidden intel. It was entertaining but not as memorable as MW2.

Online play is fun and very addicting. Being I was late to the game and most players were ranked up, I had a really tough time at first. Slowly but surely I worked my way up, collecting all the different streak rewards, weapon upgrades, perks, etc. This plus gaining experience with the maps improved my stats greatly.

I haven't noticed anywhere near as many glitches/cheats as in MW2 (not to say there isn't any). Online play is very solid and why you buy this game. It can be frustrating, but put in the time and it's very rewarding when you top your first leaderboard.


@mmintegratyper: Pick your poison. Toysrus will have shipping and tax, so I am guessing they will come out about the same price. Of course, store pickup would be an option for Toysrus.