dealsghd pink orchid flat iron gift set (new) for $109…


$110 for a flat-iron - does it do your taxes, too?


@sgtgreeneusmc: :-D And your yard work, shovels the snow, cleans the house (Dyson?), cooks...and....?


I pay that much for a good 7 iron.


I bought one of these for my Fiancee a year or two ago. She loves it and uses it everyday. She claims it is worlds better then the cheap ones and does not fry her hair ends or dry them out. Since she uses it everyday the price per use is not bad at all. The thing has held up really well.


Got it from the recent woot offering and love it. It works very well and I've had a number of $100-$200 straighteners over the last several years, would say this is one of the best (as reviews seemed to indicate). Gets hot within just a few seconds, has notification and auto shut off features as well.