dealscomplete monty python's flying circus 16 ton…


I've got this, you won't regret it. You've only to find time to watch it all.
Sorry, I meant to only write:



I will be ordering this when I get home


@havocsback: You've only to find time to watch it all. <<<

Yeah, I know what you mean. I've been so busy lately I'm not sure I could watch the entire series in a reasonable time frame.

Why in the last week I have had to deal with a depressed feline pet, so I performed silly walks to confuse my cat. Then I had to call Bicycle Repair Man to replace the chain in my ten speed. I needed the bike because the parrot I had recently purchased at the pet store died. I had to return the dead parrot, but when I did I was grilled like the Spanish Inquisition, which was totally unexpected. As a result I missed my self defense against fresh fruit course. Fortunately I was able to TiVo the Upper Class Twit of the Year reality show. So it wasn't a total loss.


Is this spam?

I don't like spam.


@dpwellman: You don't like spam? No worries....I'll have it. I love it! 'm having spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam baked beans spam and spam!


What? DVD?
I want my 70's era TV shows on Blu-Ray dammit!

j5 j5

@j5: While you're very possibly joking, there's actually a good case for many 70's shows to be released on Blu-ray. Most shows were shot on film in this era, and Blu-ray HD transfers can significantly improve the quality. Shows like The Prisoner (1967), Twilight Zone (1959), and Star Trek (1966), have had their original film masters rescanned in HD and make gorgeous Blu-rays (although Star Trek also had its effects redone with CGI).

That said, Monty Python would receive mixed results from a possible Blu-ray transfer. They shot that show using a mix of video (for indoors/studio sketches) and film (for the animation and outdoor sketches). There's even sketches that use a mix of video and film. While the film segments could be rescanned and remastered in HD (assuming the original film still exists), the video could at best only be upconverted, with limited results.