dealsjoss whedon's tv shows in amazon's deal of theā€¦


Free streaming on most of these if you are a paid member of Amazon Prime. Thx for post!


When the apocalypse comes, beep me.


@f00l: Correct! I know Dollhouse (complete) and Firefly (complete) are on there for Prime Streaming.


I click on the link and it shows Dollhouse Season1 is $9.99 but when I click on Dollhouse the price goes up to $17.99 :(


Anyone else think season 2 of dollhouse was insane and didn't really fit with the rest of the story? Firefly is impeccable.


Excellent price for Dollhouse. Season 2 is insane because they crammed 3 seasons into one basically. Still I am glad they were able to finish the story.

I found the Firefly blu-rays around Christmas for about $13, but I don't expect that price to appear again.