deals6 jumbo 22oz thick, chip-resistant ceramic coffee…


What kind of testing/quality control do you do to ensure the safety of the ceramic glaze ?
Thank you .


@ceagee: I find it interesting they won't answer your question.


@ceagee: Hi, can you be a little more specific about your safety concerns? All products are manufactured overseas by factories that have been inspected and have clearance testing from the FDA for consumer use in the United States. Documentation is required for entry into United States ports. The glazing used has been certified non-toxic as liquid and in finished product.

In terms of quality control, the products are checked prior to release for imperfections, but if there are any flaws, we're usually happy to replace the defective product.


Deal must be over, shows $24.95 now. Prime eligible.


More cheap chinese crap.
Geez, we don't even make our own dishware anymore.