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Just found a great deal on a Northface gift card. 20% off. Perfect for the after winter sale season! Thanks woot! Excited to see how this works.


wow, $25 gift cards for..... $25. How underwhelming.


If you find a good deal, its great!

I bought 2 $50 Starbucks cards for $37.50 each (25% off). But its 'stock on hand' and right after that there weren't any more that were more than 10% off.

Also some great deals but high dollar amounts - i've seen some spa cards (burke Williams) for 25% off, but you have to buy a $400 card for $300.

Even tho they were e-cards, it still took 3 days to get my card #, so don't plan on waiting until you are ready to walk out the door to the store to make your purchase.


FWIW I just ordered 2 Starbucks cards earlier and I already have the email saying my promo was ready. I guess it can be a bit YMMV on that site, but yeah, only took me a few hours to get my cards in my account.


sorry gotta downvote. the promo code didn't work for me in their promo box...

so i used their live chat system and they told me they would apply the $10 off $150 when i have an order #.

once i got through the checkout process and sent them my order #... they disconnected me from chat! i tried to contact them again, but they aren't replying.

guess i should be contacting my bank before they charge me -_-.


@asianglow: We are sorry for the disconnection you had during live chat. Please send us your order number and we will apply your code right away, give us a call on our 888 number or email us at Thank you for letting us know and again we apologize for any inconvenience.


@raisedotcom: the problem is now resolved & i got a good deal! thanks! :D


Does anyone know how the e-cards for work? It says I can buy a card valued at $500 for $28. But is that $500 after the coupons 'savings' or $500 credit when buying coupons on their site?

vote-for2vote-against ones always work for a separate website. A $50 gift card for will get you $50 at a restaurant, not $50 towards vouchers.


FYI I just got a call from my brother, I ordered two of the $100 cards for Starbucks, and his was removed from his account, along with the extra $40 he had on his original card (he transferred the $100 to his primary card) and my account shows my $100 card missing as well. So buyer beware although it's a bit late at this point.