dealsl.a. noire: the complete edition - pc for $9.99


Is this a digital download? I've never heard of this website; are they reliable?


@cfalgas: I have never heard of them but from what info I gathered on the internet it seems like they are a legit site. Here is just one of the forums I read

Edit: I also game across this info: "The website was nominated for a 2011 MCV award in the Digital Retail Innovation category."


@cfalgas I've bought several games from the site. Their prices are usually great on new releases, always having some sort of discount on the title. Bought Alan Wake from them a week or so back, for about $10 less than the Steam price.

Edit: Doesn't mention Steam DRM so I'm assuming it is not Steam redeemable; if that is of any interest to you.

Edit 2: Not redeemable on Steam